2016 First Half Turkey Ad Investments




IAB Turkey AdEx-TR 2016 First Half Report reveals that, digital ad investments in Turkey reached 927.6 million TL with a 20% growth.


Considering the recent developments in the industry, this year IAB Turkey changed the method of analyzing data. One of these changes include, positioning “mobile” as a platform, rather than a format. Additionally, there will be only “keyword based advertising” under “Search” category. “Search engine ad network performance advertising” is considered with “advertising based on Display/Click” under Display Advertising Investments.


According to IAB Turkey, display ad investments reached 546 million TL by growing 19.6%. “Advertising based on Display/Click” took the biggest share under Display category with 427.7 million TL. Video ad investments reached 91.8 million TL with 50.2% growth. Native –which replaced sponsorship ad reached 26.5 million TL.


Search Advertising Investments which include only “keyword based advertising” completed 2016 first half with 329.6 million TL, where ‘Classified & Directories” rose to 44.5 million TL. E-mail marketing ad investments continued to decline due to effect of the Law on Regulation of Electronic Commerce and completed the half year with 2.8 million TL. On the other hand, In-game advertising reached 4.8 million TL.


144.6 million TL of the total 927.6 million TL digital ad investments occurred on mobile platforms. 60.7% of the social media ads (126.7 million TL in total) took place on mobile platforms. Programmatic ad investments hit 164 million TL and continued to increase in 2016 first half.


IAB Turkey’s Chairman Dr. Mahmut Kurşun has commented on the 2016 Half Year results:


“Half year figures after a challenging year made us satisfied.  Digital continues to be the locomotive of the advertising industry in Turkey as in other countries.  But we are all responsible to sustain this growth. In this context, every stakeholder of our industry should act responsibly on “ad blocking” and “ad fraud” issues. Also, as we all know, our country faced unexpected problems in the second half of the year. I wish those problems will never happen againand we close the year with double-digit growth.” 


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